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Oct 8, 2003
fundraising minutes

almost everyone has got something to do. by tomorrow i need the letters in four different languages and also the posters. sandwhich boards are to be made over the weekend.
so far we're got a pretty good amount of pies that are coming our way. if you want to contribute more, please talk to me, wendy, mrs. karen, or miss di. that's it. for tomorrow, there's a hotel committee meeting which inwoo and hannah will run together. it's short so don't worry.

keep representin' --->sam

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Oct 5, 2003

we had a meeting on wednesday at lunch, we've gotten our sheet filled out and hopefully we'll get it approved. so far we've gotten 12 pies that are going to be acutioned off and we're in the process of talking to other people about more pies to auction. once we find out that the pie auction is approved, we'll have to send out letters to the elementary and middle school so that parents will know. after everything is done, we'll have to send thank you letters to all those who did bake pies.

after friday's vote, we down to these hotels
regent, plaza, and penninsula
the final decision will be made sometime within the next two weeks.

keep representin' ---> sam

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Sep 30, 2003
meeting update

this week: fundraising on wednesday, hotel on thursday and that um...it.

keep representin' ---> sam

Posted at 01:09 pm by icsbanquet
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things to do

Fundraising: The first fundraiser is going to be on October 16th, those in the committee know what to do right? You're supposed to be asking people if they're willing to bake pies and if tehy want to donate it or want us to pay them back. Anyone want to ask Zach if he wants to MC the whole thing?
Hotels: No homework this week, we're slowly choosing what hotels we want to go to.
The hotel list:
1. Plaza
2. Regent
3. Hilton
4. Penninsula
Slide Show: We got together and discussed the stuff we had to go over. Start getting pictures guy and um...keep up the good work.

keep representin' ----> sam

Posted at 01:08 pm by icsbanquet
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Sep 11, 2003

there have been rumors that many people have joined the committee for the glamour and just to get out of class early. it's really frustrating to have people who don't want to work or who continue to talk when there's a meeting going on. i really hate to sound like a teacher but if we don't work, then the banquet isn't going to be great, and that's going to cause a lot of stress on me. if you don't like my assertiveness during meeting that's something you're going to have to learn to live with because i'm going to get even tougher throughout the year. fair warning though, if you do not work, i will ask you to leave the whole committee. if you do decide to stay, i can promise you that there will be a great reward at the end even if it's not something you can hold in your hand or take on stage.


Posted at 08:26 pm by icsbanquet
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Fundraising Meeting #1

September 10th, 2003
All present and a bit more.
Ideas for fundraisers
1. Bake Sales once a month with better advertising than last year
2. Rose day
3. Selling food after school - International Food Festival
4. Pie Auction twice a year - pie in the fact auction
5. Fundraising after school - ex.) water service 
6. Booth in the carnival
7. Slave auction
10. T-shirts

1. How many fundraisers can we have?
2. PTO funds for the banquet? NO
3. Outside sponsors?

This is it. Tomorrow Hotel minutes will be posted.
Next hotel meeting is the 25th of September.

Keep representin' ---> Sam

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Sep 9, 2003
meeting update

another meeting on monday for those in the band committee. location hasn't been decieded yet but hopeufully mrs. karen's room.
keep representing ---> sam

Posted at 07:03 pm by icsbanquet
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Sep 8, 2003
meeting update

to answer mike's question, this site is to keep you updated on what's happening. for example, we have a fundraising meeting on wednesday at lunch in mrs. karen's room and a hotel meeting for the hotel committee on thursday after school in the conference room. um...the awards/ slideshow committee is going to have to get together sometime next week. so there you go mike, i hope that you get the point of this site. sorry you couldn't get your coomment posted, but it worked on the chat thingy so have a great day. hope you all have a great evening.
keep representing ----> sam

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Sep 4, 2003
First Meeting (everyone)

Well today ws our first meeting and I think that it went quite well. It was just an overcview of what I wanted to do this year, but I believe that everyone gets the idea and I think we're off on a good start. So far the only meeting that has been schedule is next Thursday at 2:05 in the conference room. Please stay tuned for any further changes.
Keep Representin' ----> Sam

Posted at 07:33 pm by icsbanquet
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